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Meet our Mentors

Gurprince Attlas.jpg

Gurprince Attlas

MSc Candidate
Department of Psychology

Brock University

I am a second year MA student in psychology department at Brock University. Within psychology my focus is in the beahvioural and cognitivion neuroscience and I am a member of compartive behavioural neuroscience lab. There are a few sports that I enjoy very much as curling, badminton and soccer. I do enjoy a good horror movie or rom-coms! 

Meryem Berrasa.jpg

Meryem Berrasa

Postdoctoral Researcher
Department of Geophysics
University of Hawaii

I grew up in Montreal where I studied physics and earth science at McGill University. I later moved to London (Ontario) to complete a PhD in Geophysics which allowed me to learn about the interior of planets. Now, I am a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Hawaii where I get to test my own hypotheses on what planets are made of!

Robin Cameron.jpg

Robin Cameron

Department of Biology

McMaster University

I'm  fascinated by the plant immune response and I'm working to understand the fundamental molecular and biochemical mechanisms that allow plants to defend themselves from bacterial, fungal and viral diseases. My long-term goal is to use this knowledge to improve crop yields and reduce pesticide use.  As an instructor, my goals include convincing students/future citizens that contrary to popular opinion, plants are fascinating and incredibly important for people and the planet.

Stephanie Evans.jpg

Stephanie Evans

Level III Undergraduate Student
Faculty of Science

McMaster University

I’m in my third year of a double Honours Bachelor of Biology and Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour at McMaster. I have a huge passion for health care and research and am so excited to share everything I’ve learned so far with the next generation of girls in STEM! I have previously done some research in a Neurophysiology and Imaging lab, I volunteer with McMaster’s physical rehabilitation center for individuals with Multiple Sclerosis and spinal cord injury and I am currently aspiring to one day become a Neuro Occupational Therapist!

Jocelyn Armistead .jpg

Jocelyn Armistead

MSc Candidate
Department of Evolution and Ecology

Brock University

I am an MSc student in the Brock Bee Lab at Brock University. My research is a comparison of three different collection methods used for collecting bumble bees. This is my last year, and I really enjoyed the field work and learning how to identify bumble bee species. I have also been a teaching assistant for Ecology and Zoology and find these courses very interesting! I enjoy anything to do with nature and outdoors.  

Genevieve Bianchini.jpg

Genevieve Bianchini

PhD Candidate
Department of Psychology

Western University

I graduated from Queen’s University with a bachelors degree in psychology and recently completed my masters degree in clinical psychology at Western University. I’m currently completing my PhD in clinical psychology at Western and my research focuses on suicide risk and prevention. When I’m not doing research, I love running, baking, reading, and volunteering!

Emily Copeland.jpeg

Emily Copeland

PhD Candidate
Department of Health Biosciences
Brock University

I am a PhD Candidate studying how muscle health contributes to brain health. My current research focuses on an Alzheimer’s disease-like pathology in the brain of a preclinical model of Duchenne muscular dystrophy, the mdx mouse. I am looking at both the mechanisms behind the brain pathology and how to improve cognitive function in these models. Outside of the lab, I can usually be found reading, crocheting, or at the horse barn. 

Stephanie Ali Fairbairn.png

Stephanie Ali Fairbairn

PhD Candidate
Department of Biology

McMaster University 

I am a PhD Candidate at McMaster university. My current research focuses on triple-negative breast cancer and the racial disparity seen in women of African ancestry. 

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