Frequently Asked Qs


Why was the program designed?

The Girls SySTEM Mentorship Program provides resources for confidence building, which many young girls with an interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) go without.


Alongside first-hand mentorship, we aim to provide students (Grades 7-12) with interactive workshops, program-exclusive speaker events, and early access to workplace opportunities and networking.


Why Mentorship?

Through mentorship, the Girls SySTEM Mentorship Program challenges the myth that some students

are somehow less suited to work in STEM because of their gender identity.


In giving participants the opportunity to acquire first-hand knowledge of STEM early on in their academic careers, they build the confidence they need to pursue their passions in fields that often exclude them. This is especially important in late-elementary and high school when students are beginning to shape their beliefs.


What kind of topics are covered under the mentorship program?

The program covers all topics under Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). More specifically, astronomy, biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering, environmental science, health science, statistics, physics and psychology.


What is involved in completing the

Background Criminal Record Check?

We require all mentors to complete an online application and Background Criminal Record Check prior to acceptance into the Program. This may be completed online or in person at your local police station. 


What are the requirements to be eligible to apply as a mentor?

We ask that all mentors have at least one year of professional experience in their STEM field. Those enrolled in graduate studies, professors and professionals in a STEM career are eligible to become a mentor. We also ask that you are able to commit at least 2 hours a month.


How are mentors and mentees

Mentors and mentees are matched on the basis of field of interest, academic and personal goal-setting, and overall hobbies and interests.

Our mentees are late elementary and high school students (Grades 7-12). Our mentors are leading STEM professionals with years of workplace knowledge and experience. 


How will I know that I have been accepted as a mentor and the next steps?

Once we have received your completed online application, we will be in touch through email to connect you directly with your mentee(s). In order to facilitate mentorship sessions and ensure that the experience is fruitful for all, we have created a Mentorship Handbook which outlines possible discussion topics, resources, and opportunities for you and your mentee to explore.

How often are the mentorship sessions required to be hosted by the mentor?

And what’s the preferred style of mentoring or teaching?


We recommend hosting mentorship sessions virtually at least twice a month for a total of 2 hours in your preferred style of teaching. This can be through video call - Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet.


Given the COVID situation, are the mentorship sessions in-person or virtual?

Due to COVID, we have opted for virtual mentorship sessions and program-exclusive events. More details will be provided after your mentor application is accepted. Once it is safe to do so, we do have plans to resume in-person mentorship activities.


As a mentor, do I have the option to select the duration of my commitment?

Mentors have the option of selecting a single academic term (Fall, Winter, Summer) or a year-long commitment.

Full year cohort is September-April. Fall cohort is September to December. Winter cohort is January to April. Summer is May to July.