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GSM Grad Yearbook

We wanted to introduce a new segment to the GSM monthly newsletter - GSM Grad Yearbook. Throughout the year, we will be featuring past GSM mentees and highlighting where they are now.

This month we want to feature Camille Gener - a Toronto Chapter mentee for 2 years. She is now in her first year of her undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto - St. George Campus studying a Bachelors degree in Life Sciences.

So far what has been the highlight of your post-secondary education?

Meeting likeminded people within the program! I love when I can discuss my work with them and learn collaboratively. Surrounding myself with people who strive for the best motivates me to do my best. I also love knowing about the numerous resources and opportunities that are available to me. There are many professors that engage in innovative projects or research programs for big organizations. It takes time to find what is right for you and your interests.

What is your favourite course so far and why?

I love my computer science course because I think that they give adequate time for you to learn the content and I feel like their assessments are fair. I feel like a professional coder every time I do an assignment!

In your post-secondary education, has there been any challenges that you have had to overcome?

The biggest challenge to this day is time management. Being able to prioritize work and finding the motivation to complete them consistently can be difficult when you want to balance your time. You will be given a lot of work so it will take discipline to identify what is important and to divide your time and efforts towards your work.

Did your mentorship experience with GSM help guide/prepare you for post-secondary school?

Yes, my mentorship experience with GSM did help prepare me for post-secondary as my mentors motivated me to strive for the best as well as offered me advice on how to navigate my first year. They also helped me consider different career pathways to see what I can pursue in the future. Overall, my mentors made me feel more confident in my program choice as well as more confident in myself being a girl in STEM.

Has your career aspirations changed since starting post-secondary school?

Yes, my career aspirations have changed because I’ve been exposed to many different opportunities and through this, I expanded my options for the future. I wanted to keep an open-mind because unique opportunities continue to open up and I want to be able to consider them for my own academic journey.

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