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Dr. Natasha Collia

Dr. Natasha Collia (aka to her patients as “Dr. Tash”) is a Pediatric Emergency Medicine Doctor and Simulation Educator at the Hospital for Sick children. When Dr. Collia isn’t working shifts in the ER, she can be found improving Pediatric Trauma management training, Pediatric procedural skills workshops, improving the educational experience of trainees rotating through the ER and being a member of the hospital Peer Support Group.

Dr. Collia, believes in a transparent and humanistic approach to medicine. Despite the time and pressures of the ER, she will find an opportunity to turn a visit into an educational experience for all. As ease of accessibility to information has increased the amount of misinformation has grown. Finding a reliable resource about pediatric health has become more difficult. In the last year she has expanded her passion for Public Education from the institutional level to Social Media, becoming a Public Figure for information on common pediatric illnesses and addressig common parental concerns and being on the forefront of breaking down misinformation during the COVID-19 Pandemic. She currently has her own IG LIVE Series called: Physicians in Living Rooms and co-hosts Reflections from the ER with CityTV’s Stella Acquisto. Both series provide live, transparent, and open collaborative discussions on hot topics in

Health and the ER with the goal of educating and ultimately coaching parents on how to be the best advocate for their children. Dr. Collia can also be found advocating for: equity in healthcare, women’s health and mental health. She was recognized as a Sick Kids Ambassador while actively being involved in the hospital's Sick Kids VS campaign with a feature commercial bringing awareness to the everyday physician struggle.

Beyond the academic and hospital setting, Dr. Collia lives an active lifestyle, with an adventurous spirit that demands consistent exploration of the world. During time off, she can be found pampering her fur-baby Nikko or spending time with Family and friends. Her guilty pleasure? Catching the latest superhero film, never passing on the popcorn!

Thank you to everyone who submitted wonderful questions to Dr.Collia. You can check out the video she did, answering the questions.

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