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Discovery Stream

— Are you looking to gain new skills and learn from STEM professionals? Our Discovery Stream offers youth the opportunity to dive deeper into STEM through a workshop series.

Build the unique skills & confidence needed to prepare you for the career of your dreams

Get a head-start and gain the unique skills and confidence you need to succeed in your dream industry. 

Teaching by leading experts across a variety of traditional and non-traditional STEM-disciplines 

Focused programming led by experts in the field from national and globally-renowned organizations. 

Program flexibility allows you to participate in multiple discovery streams or join the Mentorship Program

Our discovery stream is all about experimentation! Apply for multiple discovery streams to discover what field is right for you and hop into our Mentorship Program so we can pair you with a mentor in that field. New discovery streams will be added throughout the year. 

  •  New streams announced      every month 

  • Entrepreneurship, Astronomy, Medicine, & more 

  • Spots are limited!

Discovery Stream

Discovery Stream

For the month of February, our Discovery Stream will focus on Entrepreneurship. We will be partnering with Enactus Queen's who will be focusing on topics such as innovation and design thinking. The Entrepreneurship Discovery Stream is a perfect opportunity to learn more about entrepreneurial skills and how they can be transfer into many STEM fields. Please note that this Discovery Stream is only two workshops. At the end of both workshops, you will receive a certificate outlining all the skills and knowledge that you have learnt. This is open to students in grades 7-12. 

Registration for the Entrepreneurship Discovery Stream closes February 7th, 2022.

Workshop 1

Wednesday Feb 8th
6pm EST

Introduction to Innovation
Hosted by Enactus Queen's

Enactus Queen's Youth Success Program Pilot

This workshop aims to teach students about the innovator’s mindset and skillset and how to generate successful innovations. At the end of this session, students will apply these skills to identifying a problem, finding a solution and delivering an ‘Elevator Pitch’ to their peers. 

Workshop 2

Wednesday Feb 15th
6pm EST

Design Thinking
Host by Enactus Queen's

Enactus Queen's Youth Success Program Pilot

This workshop will teach students about the basics of design thinking and how it can not only be applied to innovation but to their everyday lives. Students will learn about how problem solving and innovation rely on a design thinking mindset.

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