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Meet our Mentors

Julia Andersen.jpg

Julia Andersen

PhD Candidate, 

Department of Earth Sciences

University of Toronto

I enjoy teaching and mentoring younger students and hope to become a professor in the future! I also have a passion for the outdoors and always encourage more women to get outside! 

Alicia Battaglia.png

Alicia Battaglia

PhD Candidate, 

Department of Chemistry

University of Toronto

My research is on developing polymers for energy storage applications (simply put, I make batteries!). I also love mentoring and helping students connect what happens in the chemistry lab to real life. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, baking, and painting. 


Alvine Boaye Belle

Assistant Professor

Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

York University 

I hold a PhD in software engineering. I am passionate about science, research and poetry. I speak both French and English. 

Chiara Bostock .png

Chiara Bostock

Research Associate

Department of Chemical Engineering

University of Toronto

I am eager to help young women feel empowered and achieve their personal and professional goals. I am passionate about translating complex scientific concepts into tangible, concise ideas understandable by all audiences, especially youth. In my spare time, I enjoy putting on a sweat while adventuring on hikes and recreational sports, and refuelling with sophisticated home-cooked meals. 

Hai-Ling Cheng.jpg

Hai-Ling Cheng

Associate Professo

Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering,

University of Toronto

I am an engineer/physicist who is passionate magnetic resonance imaging and is finding ways to detect disease early and guide new tissue regeneration treatments. I love science, literature, arts, and history.  

Claire Chochinov.jpeg

Claire Chochinov

Master's Candidate

Department of Biology

University of Toronto

I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Winnipeg in Biology, and soon after moved to Toronto and decided to pursue my Master’s. I am now working to develop a novel high throughput method to determine the effects of single nucleotide polymorphisms in oncogenes. The vast possibilities within the realm of molecular and synthetic biology is very exciting and makes this field of research highly innovative.

Mary Derocher.jpeg

Mary Desrocher

Assistant Professor

Department of Psychology

York University

I specialize in Neuropsychology with children, youth, adults, and families, and I have been an Associate Professor at York University for over 20 years. My research explores the relationship between the brain and behaviour in clinical populations of people with epilepsy, pediatric stroke, brain injury, or prenatal alcohol exposure. Mentoring and teaching is a big part of my work, and I enjoy working with students who want to explore their education and career options.

Miriam Diamond.jpg

Miriam Diamond

Assistant Professor

Department of Astroparticle Physics

University of Toronto

I am an astroparticle physicist studying dark matter, the mysterious substance thought to make up a quarter of the universe. My related interests include statistical data analysis, high-performance scientific computing, and machine learning. My furry little assistants, Quark and Qubit the Guinea Piggies, provide valuable motivational support to my research team.