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March 1, 2021

Pandemic showing female talent is needed in STEM sector

Challenging stereotypes will lead to a more inclusive future


December 24, 2020

Venture Update

We hope others will join us in doing their part to build a hopeful future where equality fosters experimentation and innovation breeds leadership."

September 2020

Electro-Meters Sponsorship

For two years Electro-Meters has donate products to a mentee a part of the program

May 13, 2019

STEM Expo in Ontario

Caleigh Matheson meets STELR’s Peter Pentland at the Science Rendezvous Kingston 

Septemer 21, 2018

Helping interest in STEM take root

A passion has turned into a dream


June 21, 2018

Girls "gear up " for STEM

This weekend will mark the first Girls SySTEM mentorship program event, with the STEMist fair taking place on Saturday at Queen’s University.

May 22, 2018

Canada's First NSERC Funded Girl's STEM Mentorship Program

As the country’s first STEM-focused late elementary and high-school mentorship program

Other noteworthy mentions:
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Partnership with UofT

During these uncertain times, U of T Physics has enabled our girls to navigate through the difficulties of online learning by providing an exciting and interactive way to learn virtually. From understanding our oceans to solving equations and building pendulums, U of T Physics’ virtual workshops challenged our mentees to think critically, adapt new skills, and explore new avenues within STEM