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Updated: Apr 21

This past year has been filled with unexpected challenges, but the GSM team is devoted to ensuring that everyone involved in our program has a positive experience, and finds what they are looking for. Hear what some of our mentors and mentees had to say about their experience this past term!


Q: How has your experience with GSM been so far? What has been your favourite part? Would you recommend GSM to other students?

A: Yes definitely, I love how other people have the same interests as me and that can help me through getting there!

- Laurianne

A: My amazing mentor, Jessie, has taught me numerous essential skills, introduced me to professionals in the field I desire to enter in the future, helped me with schoolwork, given me insight into post-secondary applications, and so much more! I 100% recommend GSM as its highly experienced and kind mentors can assist you in both personal and professional development!

- Reanna, Gr 10.

A: I have had a great experience with GSM so far! It has been fascinating to learn about my mentor's research and potential STEM-related careers, as well as what to expect in university. We have also had the opportunity to talk (virtually) about what it's like to be a woman working in traditionally male-dominated fields, which is definitely relevant for me. GSM has also done a great job at engaging the networks of mentors and mentees with Zoom workshops and really interesting newsletters, interviews, panels, social media posts, etc. It has been really fun! I wold definitely recommend the program to friends and peers.

- Anonymous


Q: How has your experience with GSM been so far? What has been your favourite part? Would you recommend GSM to other students?

A: It was a very nice experience. My mentee was in grade 9 and she brought her brother too, which was fun. Of course, using Zoom is not the same thing as a face to face meeting, but still it was very enjoyable. I had shown my lab to girls before, and explained in very simple terms what I do, and this created an avalanche of questions! This time this was not possible, so she asked me what education I have had, and if I had to always have high marks etc. I tried to explain that it is important to try to 'link' things together, not just learn by heart and that putting things in the broader context is the way to understand their importance better. I explained the differences between an MD degree and a PhD, and the importance of research; we badly need a vaccine [and that is done through research].

She said "I want to change the world", and I said "Yes, you can change the world, and in many different ways."

- Dr. Leda Raptis

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