June STEM Showcase -Khadija Ndiaye

We are so fortunate to have the opportunity to get to know Khadija Ndiaye - a tech sales representative from Electro-Metres with a background in electrical engineering. Here is a little bit about our interview with Khadija. Khadija was born in Senegal and when she was older, she moved to Canada to study electrical engineering at University of Moncton and Polytechnique Montreal. She talks about wanting to be a doctor as a young child but later discovering that medicine was not the right path for her. How did she know that she wanted to study electrical engineering? "My dad was one of my idols, and he was working in one of the biggest telecommunications companies in Senegal and I wanted to work there. Telecommunications is part of electrical engineering." After moving away from Senegal, she moved to New Brunswick to study at the University of Moncton and that is where she completed her undergraduate studies. She remembers it being difficult the few days living in Canada, but she gained the confidence to speak to classmates and engage in conversations. She wanted to get involved within the school so she started tutoring in math and physics. "Tutoring allowed me to have a better connection with the younger population and adjust to the Canadian lifestyle" What is the best part of working at Electro-Meters? Khadija says there is lots of resources and people with many years of experience at the company. She enjoys learning from her colleagues and expanding her knowledge. Lastly, she provides some advice to the youth of today. "Set a goal, it will help motivate you. Start by getting involved and find a group of people that will support you" Watch the full interview here. Also check out her video demonstration of an oscilloscope.

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